Mount Hebron Baptist Church
Monterrey, N. L. Mexico
Dr. Tommy Ashcraft, Pastor
Located 12 miles south of the city in the heart of beautiful Huajuco Valley.

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Ministries Bible Institute
Christian Academy
Missionary Language School
Bible Distribution Center
Village Evagelism
National Conferences
Hosting Mission Tours
An Independent, Soulwinning Separated,
Fundamental Baptist Church

Founded in 1982 by Dr. Tommy Ashcraft

Converts have been saved and baptized every week since the church was founded. Personal soulwinning is emphasized in every program and in every service.

Soulwinning Programs
Sembradoras (Ladies Soulwinning)
Pescadores (Men's Soulwinning)
Teen Soulwinning
Soulwinning Club for Junior Children
Soulwinning Club for Primary Children
Prison Ministry
Village Ministry
Tract Distribution
Bible Distribution
A growing church with a love for soulwinning
More 250 of our members participate in at least one of our regular scheduled soulwinning programs per week.

Come and see us!

We invite you to visit us when you are in our area.